Hello, and thank you for visiting my page! My name is Tabitha Williams. I invite you to explore this page with an open mind and helpful dialogue.

We, as a species, have very much lost our way. We’ve disconnected ourselves from Source, and are flapping about hopelessly like a fish out of water- most of us, that is. Of course, there are others who are clearly enlightened, in perfect alignment with their soul’s purpose. And finally, there are all the people like me, who are caught somewhere in-between. I understand this to be The Awakening period of our existence. It is during this time that we choose our destiny and become it. So, how do we get from lost to enlightened? Let’s explore that together.

Within the depths of this blog, you may find topics to relate with, expand upon, agree with, implement, or argue with. Ideally, despite which of these emotions comes to surface, I hope that increased knowledge and awareness will encourage enough thought to provoke action, and enough action to support an alliance focused on propelling humanity forward.

Education reform, mind-body connection, personal growth and development, spirituality, transcendence, empathy, physiological fitness, global change and interconnectedness are all likely to be contemplated, along with a myriad of other relative topics.

I invite you to actively engage with like-minded individuals in an open dialogue setting.  Please check out our Facebook Group, Enlightened Minds and Conscious Creators (EMCC). Together, we can create the reality we deserve.