Monthly Archives: August 2016


Have you ever thought about the miraculous effect of relationships on our lives? Is it just me, or is it so sab5f51b24175082a7b2d06e20752df80trange that the network of individuals surrounding your existence could potentially make or break your experience on earth? How is it that a group of like-minded individuals, with similar visions- who were likely introduced to each other through a mutual connection- can put their thoughts and ideas together to create positive and negative national, global and even generational changes?

The human experience is quite intricate, full of causes and effects; actions and reactions. How you treat others is dictated by how you internalize your worth, and will dictate the kind of people you have in your life, ultimately shaping the person you will become- a metaphorical etch-a-sketch painting your evolution, if you will. This will play the biggest role in your success. If you are surrounded by negativity, drama, fear, or hate, these limiting emotions will consume you, stunting your physiological growth. It is most imperative that you find a way to release those people from your inner circle, and refocus your attention on yourself so you can step into your light and shine!

Dig deep and find the person you are right now, in this present moment. Trust that it is a different person than the last time you tried this. Trust that you are better now because you are wiser. And trust that the person you envision being tomorrow can only exist if you learn to grow from the mistakes you make today. By doing this, you allow new thoughts and intentions to elicit new behaviors, resulting in more valuable relationships, with more people like you. You got this 🙂