What really makes me angry about the world?

This post is difficult for me… I’m not as eager to host an entire discussion on something I don’t like. I’d much rather write about rainbows and unicorns to be honest. But then again, I’m an idealist. And sometimes, an idealist needs to practice being a realist so things can happen. So, without further adieu…

It seems my view of the world changes drastically with each passing year. Perhaps it’s my newfound knowledge which alters my perception of life and the world around me. Or maybe it’s my personal growth, stemmed from my experiences . I’m sure it’s likely a combination of these and other factors, but I realize the older I become, the more anger I harbor internally about the world around me. I hurt for the unjust conditions bestowed on mankind- by mankind. I become upset when I reflect on how our species has resorted to such degrees of greed, violence, terror, and hatred that we are becoming comfortably numb to the headlines.

When are we going to wake up and realize we’re all One? We’re made of the same star stuff for Christ’s sake! Our narrow minds can only see as deep as the symptom, which leads to controversy with our neighbors. Religion?  Intelligent way to keep the masses divided. Banks? Brilliant way to take the power away from the masses. Media? Controlled by the government to fill up the masses with bullshit so our opinions fit with their agenda; the one that was going to be carried out with or without your support. See, it’s not the belief nor the money or the internet which is evil. Rather, it’s the entities which capitalize on them in the interest of the top 1%. While the rest of us scramble to catch a foothold, they’re making plans to stay several steps ahead of us. What pisses me off most about the world is that I haven’t found a way to fix it yet. But I’ll make my crater someday.

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